Questions about Your Tickets

Where do I park?
How can I purchase season tickets?
Is there a wait list I can join if a performance is sold out?
Do you have accessible seating?
Is there a sign language interpreter for performances?
Why did the ticket price change?
What is dynamic pricing?
I haven't received my print at home tickets or mobile tickets. Why not?

General Questions

What are your hours?
Where is the Civic Center?
Where is the Hudiburg Chevrolet Center?
What should I wear?
Can I get an autograph or meet the artist?
Can I bring my child to an event?
Can I bring dinner or a snack with me?
Can I take photos or videos?
What is the average run time for events?
I'm running late, is there a seating hold?
What happens if I come on the wrong night or can't attend, can I get a refund or exchange?
Can I conceal-carry or open-carry at my event?
What happens in the event of weather?
Where can I smoke?
What is a Hearing Loop?
How do I use the hearing loop?
Can I buy season tickets?
Can I renew my season tickets online?
What are group tickets?
How do I manage my mobile tickets?