To activate your online account, you'll need your customer number and online pin to initiate activation. If you have not recently been provided a customer number and pin by email or phone, request it now.

Once you've received your customer number and pin, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

1. On the activation screen, enter your customer number and pin, then click or tap 'Activate.'

These were likely provided to you in an email from or during a phone conversation with the box office. You'll only need your customer number and unique pin for the initial activation. During the activation process, you will confirm your email and create a password, which you will use for future sign-ins.

2. Confirm your email and create your password.

We recommend creating a password that is 8-12 characters, with at least 1 upper case letter and 1 character.

If you're activating your account on mobile, tap 'Next.'

3. Review your billing address and phone numbers. Update if necessary.

On mobile, tap 'Next' after each section.

4. You're done! You'll be directed to your account overview where you can review your upcoming events and manage your tickets. To learn more about managing your tickets on your mobile phone, visit our mobile visit our mobile guide.

Civic Center activate account screen on a mobile device

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