Curiosity Fest

Curiosity Fest

Oct 20, 2018 12:00 PM
Civic Center Music Hall
Thelma Gaylord Performing Arts Theatre

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Presented By Oklahoma Humanities

Curiosity Fest is presented by Oklahoma Humanities. The programming for this fun and engaging lifelong learning opportunity begins at noon and will feature 24 of Oklahoma’s top humanities scholars stepping out of their respective lecture halls and bringing their fields of expertise to the audience in fresh ways, such as competitive book pitches; “appearances” by historical characters; conversations about race and social issues; discussions on comics, religious curiosity, Harry Potter, a “how to play” workshop; presentations by storytellers, historians and native voices; a live BrainBox podcast recording about Game of Thrones; discussions on the intersection of politics and religion, social justice, pop culture and more.

The final session of the day is NPR’s Jad Abumrad, founder of Radiolab. He presents his multimedia presentation “Gut-Churn”, which shows how curiosity, often manifesting as a gut-wrenching question, leads to creative solutions. This nationally-known celebrity will take us through how uncertainty, fear, and other negative emotions guide us in the creative process. Jad is popular with both radio listeners and podcast enthusiasts.

Come at noon with your inquiring mind and stay for “Gut Churn”. Food samples are available throughout the day. For the complete program schedule visit

Event Info

All attendees should check in at the Box Office
Event starts at noon, ends at 9:30pm
Food samples all day with beer tasting
Complete program schedule: