Scissortail: In Remembrance of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Scissortail: In Remembrance of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Mar 31, 2018 08:00 PM
Civic Center Music Hall
CitySpace Theatre

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Presented By Fresh Paint Performance Lab

Sponsored by CityRep Theatre

Written by Isiah Werner
Directed by Chelcy Harrell

Scissortail is a play about loss, grief, and recovery based on the events of the Oklahoma City Bombing. The play centers around Gavin, a young, recently relocated Oklahoman as he grapples with the devastating effects that the attack has had on him, 20 years later. Told through present day conversation, 90's flashbacks, historical interviews with Timothy McVeigh, and the dark spaces between the dream and reality, Scissortail explores both the 1995 bombing and the theme of grief in a deeply personal way. 

Scissortail was first produced in Chicago in 2015 and was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson Award (Jeff Award) for Best New Work. 

Scissortail is rated R for explicit language, violent situations and themes that may be traumatic for some viewers.

Scissortail Production

Featuring Isaiah Werner, Korri Werner, Tim Welch, Joe Burleigh, David Burkhart, Joseph Thomas, Sarah Lomize, and Isaiah Williams

Lighting Design: Travis Baldwin
Sound Design: Matthew Sykes
Scenic Design: Jack Yates
Music Composition: Ben Harrell
Fight Choreography: Abigail Lafont

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